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It may look like 'logo soup' but engagements with each of the companies below involved IT projects that were stretching these leading organizations into new areas of serving customers, staff, and supply chain partners. The projects were challenging, and Maranda Consulting had an important hand in bringing about successful conclusions.

We'd be happy to talk about how our 'lessons learned' can apply to success in your initiative.

I worked with Marleen both at CDC Software and, more directly, at Absolute. In particular we often collaborated on process and systems projects where our areas overlapped and my team had a partial role in her ISO 27001 certification area. She is a hard worker - very organized, detail oriented while keeping eye to the big picture and long term strategy. Her project management skills are highly developed and are valued by all that work with her. Her team management style was one of a leader/mentor. In all, I highly recommend Marleen and would love to work with her again.

Toni Crow, Lean Continuous Improvement & Customer Success